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The History of Bowling World

A new generation is proudly stepping up and into their roles as owners of Bowling World. Their family’s history has strongly influenced their decisions to fully take the reigns to transform Bowling World to meet the desires of the modern bowler while preserving the venue as a bowling center focused on providing a great affordable unique form of entertainment.

This history includes 40 plus years of watching husband, father and father in-law, Troy Whiteaker, a founding partner who’s idea to create the bowling entertainment establishment began around 1973. The Million Dollar Dream became Bowling World in August of 1977 thanks to the creation of LBJ&T, Inc. that included Troy and his brother JD Whiteaker plus a few other investors along the way.


Fast forward to early 2017 when Troy started talking to his children, Sherry and Greg and their spouses about getting involved in the business through the purchasing of the stock shares held by the then Bowling World manager and those held by his late brother’s family.

Unfortunately, Troy died due to injuries received in an accident in July of 2017 but Troy’s discussion about Bowling World stuck with them all. A few months later, after determining the family was not ready to walk away from the business, they moved forward and took full control of the corporation on January 30th, 2018.

“WE are only a few months into our business adventure and we are so excited that we made our decisions to make Bowling World our family’s business in Cookeville, TN. WE are working on many plans to make every bowler’s experience at Bowling World more fun and entertaining. There are great things coming soon that will provide a more inclusive experience for both our League bowlers and leisure bowlers.”

So, come on down and roll a few games. Bowling is a sport or leisure activity that just about everyone can experience from the youngest family member to the seasoned competitive bowler. Bowling gets you off your seat and onto your feet for a fun and socializing time for which you don’t need social media for but we sure love seeing those picture of those who bowl with us!

Old Newspaper story about Bowling World's original opening
Old Newspaper story about Bowling World's original opening
Image of Bowling World staff and friends at the grand re-opening in 2020

Bowling World’s 43rd Anniversary and Grand Re-Opening Ceremony of Gutters Grille held on August 20th, 2020.